Jalkaisin – On Foot

Upe Komulankönkäällä, Hyrynsalmi

Welcome to my walking world.

“Jalkaisin” (in Finnish, pronounced /jalkaisin/, not /’alkaisin/) literally means “on foot”.  That’s my preferred method of transport.

I love walking and the great outdoors. I have explored both well-trodden paths and some almost forgotten ones, mostly in Finland, my native country. I blog mostly in Finnish; for a while I wrote a blog in English as well (walkfinland.blogspot.com) but gave that up due to lack of time; let’s see if I could pick that up again.

I do short walks close to home, longer ones in my home province Central Finland or elsewhere in Finland. Outside Finland, my most memorable walks have also taken me to explore winding paths in France and England. In 2016, I spent two wonderful months walking England’s longest National Trail, the South West Coast Path, and have since had a longing for coastal walks and English bluebells in springtime.

Upe Nykänen